Carrying out technical and financial studies for projects and insuring its follow up

In regard with the financial studies, we take care of the preparation of the financial request and file in order to get the bank loans, in an easy process, and to recover the debts and to reschedule bank indebtedness; we offer a study of the financial markets and financial stocks and any other money transactions at national and international levels.

Furthermore, our technical team is in charge of the preparation of the project’s technical study such as engineering and civil studies, based on futuristic and modern vision of the project.

In addition, our company insures the follow up of the projects throughout all their realization process, starting from getting all the required authorizations, taking in charge all the administrative procedures, carrying out all the legal agreements, until the phase of the importation of the necessary machines and equipment, so, we supervise during the realization of the project’s infrastructure to make sure that it will be delivered in due time, totally finished and ready to be operational.