MEGA GLOBAL LAW & ARBITRATION is an Algerian privet company certified at both national and international levels, it is a pioneer in the field of legal consulting, law and arbitration at domestic and foreign affairs, managing by Doctor MEGA Hibat Allah, an International Lawyer and an International Commercial Arbiter who is certified at five (05) different Commercial Chambers such as in London, Paris, Dubai, Turkey and New York.

Our company offers its services in several domains, for instance:

  • Consulting in the investment field, industrial, energy & oil, plus marine and air logistics ones,
  • Realization and follow up of the different projects,
  • Carrying out technical and financial studies for new projects,
  • Providing assistance, organizing and planning training programs in Arbitration and International Commerce and other fields,
  • Providing assistance to resolve conflicts peacefully, by being the intermediary,
  • Arbitration between national and foreign companies and representing them at different International Chambers.